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The app that turns your dating experience into an exciting adventure! Unleash your personality with engaging quizzes and find the perfect date ideas tailored just for you.

How it works

Take fun and interactive quizzes to reveal your unique personality and find Intriguing Date Ideas

Connect through shared interests

Whether you’re looking for friendship, love, or just a fun night out, Baefire guides you every step of the way.

Explore a world of creative and enjoyable date ideas.

Customize your profile, share your interests, and let others discover the real you.

Enjoy the app in your preferred language with our seamless localization.

Whether it’s dancing or dining, we have something for every taste.

Find love & fun with quizzes and unique date ideas on Baefire!

Create unforgettable memories.


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Nice and simple

There’s a simplicity in stimulating the mind of a love interest, showing thoughtfulness and consideration and thinking outside of the box.

Answer the quiz questions as a joint effort or by relaying the questions to the other person or simply answering the quiz on your own. Baefire is guaranteed to provide interesting suggestions that will be stimulating for everyone.

Great worklow

With support of 6 languages the Baefire app is a great suggestion for your international friends by itself.

But it’s a gift a gift that keeps on giving! You can use the questions from Baefire quizzes as inspiration for thought provoking conversations!

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Unlimited content

With over 60 date suggestions that are aggregated to different personalities and preferences the ideas keep flowing.

Time saver

Taking a quick quiz based on you, your date or your mood for the day, generate quick ideas for a rendezvous.


Baefire is built around dates in the general context. You can use it for hangouts with anyone from love interests, coworkers and even parents.


Find love & fun with quizzes and unique date ideas on Baefire!




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